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"California Licensed and Bonded General Contractor​"

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Some of the Benefits you will receive with our Service

Our knowledgeable and courteous Staff here at Smoke Alarm Maintenance Company are dedicated to your Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide detector needs.

We have been Installiing, Testing and Maintaining Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide systems in Southern California since 1996.

"We keep you and your property up to date with all the latest State and Federal Regulations"

​*  A Maintenance Company with over 15 years local experience

*  A Free no-obligation discussion about your bussiness needs

*  All Service Technicians are educated in the latest requirements and equipment

*  We use only State and Federally approved devices 

*  We work with your Realtor to make sure your Property is ready for Sale

*  We work with your Insurance and Property Management Company

*  Written Estimates are provided in advance for all work to be preformed

*  All work comes with our Written Service Guarantee

*  Appointments available same-week in most cases

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