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We specialize in Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide detector "Testing and Maintenance".  We get in and out quickly, while disturbing you and your tenants as little as possible. 

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We work with your Insurance Company and Property Manager

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Our Service Technicians are California Licensed and Bonded.  Service Personnel are required to be familiar with all our Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide detector equipment so they may help you make a more informed decision about your Safety needs.  Technicians are trained in the proper installation and testing of all the Federally and State approved devices we have available.

At your convenience we are available to discuss your Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide "Testing and Maintenance" needs on the phone or at your property.

Service Technicians are Educated in the Latest Regulations and Equipment

As of January 2012 all Federally insured lending institutions are required to verify Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors are installed in all houses seeking financing.  Banks now require the Appraiser to check for Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide detectors at the time of inspection.  Any residence missing the appropriate detectors will not pass Bank inspection until the devices have been properly installed and re-verified, typically at an added expense to the owner.  We will insure your property passes the Bank's inspection on the first time saving you time and money.

Call us today to receive your free estimate.  Once we are on the Job, you can leave your worries to us.  We will start work immediately to insure you and your tenants are safe from Smoke, Fire, and that "Oder-less, Color-less and deadly gas, known as Carbon Monoxide.

From Hard-wire to Sealed-Battery operated we offer a variety of latest Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide detector Equipment.  All of our detectors are guaranteed to meet or exceed all State and Federally regulations and come with complete manufactures warranties.

Our Written Service Guarantee

All our work comes with a Written Service Guarantee.  We guarantee all work preformed will meet or exceed manufactures specifications for installation.  As well as all of our Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors come with complete manufacture warranties.

We provide you an Annual Condition Report including Photos. Our Maintenance Service guaranties you peace of mind knowing you have the reports available for any Insurance or Municipality claim.  For Property Managers they make a great tool to show Owners their buildings meet State and Federal Regulations for Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

Don't risk your Insurance Company denying a claim because your Maintenance-Man did not properly "Test and Maintain" your Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide equipment on a regular basis.  We will work with you or your Property Management Company to Annually inspect, maintain and as necessary replace your Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide equipment.

We work with your Realtor

We use only State and Federally approved Equipment

We at Smoke Alarm Maintenance Company understand "The best time for Safety is right now".  We have operators standing by to Schedule you an appointment with one of our Licensed Technicians. 

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